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Game Nite strives to be St. Louis' best Friendly Local Game Store featuring a great selection of board games, card games, tabletop miniatures, and role-playing games.

In-Store Events

Game Nite offers a full schedule of fun in-store events from casual open-play to organized tournaments and leagues.  Be sure to check out our event calendar for details.

Community Outreach

Game Nite is active in our community hosting "Game Days" for civic and youth organizations both on-site and off-site. We also sponsor a number of local gaming groups.

Magic Trios Event Now Monthly


Game Nite Will Host a Trios Event On the Last Sunday of Every Month

You read that right, folks. The attendance at our first event (held at the end of April, 2017) was mind-boggling! We've decided to hold a similar event each month! Thanks to Heath, Madison, and Meghan for putting together an awesome event--you guys rock.

The next event (May 28th, 2017) will follow the same structure, with one change. Instead of Frontier, the formats will be Standard-Modern-Legacy.

  • $10 per player ($30 per team). Each player will play ONE of the listed formats for the entirety of the event
  • 4 packs per person (12 per team) will be placed in the prize pool
  • If we break 8 teams, pizza will be provided

MTG "Amonkhet" Game Day




Join us at Game Nite on Sunday, May 21st for the Amonkhet Game Day!

 Amonkhet Logo

Game Day Event

  • Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2017
  • Entry Fee: $6.00
  • Registration: 11:00 am
  • Start Time: 12:00 pm
  • Format: Standard Constructed
  • Structure: Swiss
  • Prizes: 
    • All participants will receive one Trueheart Duelist Promo Card.
    • Top 8 will receive one Glorybringer Prize Card.
    • 1st Place will receive an exclusive Amonkhet Game Day Champion Playmat.





Warhammer 40k May Tournament

 Warhammer 40k Logo

Saturday, May 20th 2017.

Registration opens at 10:00, please arrive by 10:30, and games will start at 11:00
• 1850pts total
• 3 rounds
• $10 per person registration fee
• Location Game Nite Address: 8330 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119
• We want this to be a friendly tournament where everyone has fun and to encourage people to come out, so keep this in mind when building your list

Army composition:
• All armies must be battleforged (i.e. no unbound)
• Armies will consist of 1-3 detachments, but no detachment may be duplicated (e.g. a Daemon CAD, Daemon detachment, and Renegade ally would be fine, but not two Renegade allies or two Daemon CADs)
• Formations are allowed
• Formation based detachments will be allowed
• Forgeworld units allowed (including experimental), you must be able to provide the rules to your opponent
• No Forgeworld army lists are allowed (e.g. Chaos Renegades, Eldar Corsairs)
• No 30k/Horus Heresy army lists are allowed
• Come the apocalypse allies are not allowed
• Super Heavy or Gargantuan Creatures allowed
• LoW are allowed
• No fortifications networks


• All players will play 3 games
• Missions will be custom but will not use the maelstrom cards
• Rounds will be 2 hours with a break for lunch after the first game
• Players will be paired randomly for the first round and then sorted based on score for rounds 2 and 3
• Final standings are based on the total score from all 3 games
• Painting is not required
• Please try to adhere to your models being WYSIWYG as much as possible. If you have anything you think is questionable, please message the TO
• Please bring at least 2 copies of your list. Please specify which is your primary detachment and who your warlord is on the list
• The Death from the Skies supplement will not be used. This includes the dogfighting phase, rules changes, flyer wings, and detachments. However, the Stormhawk and Wazbom Blastajet dataslates are allowed (ignoring role, flyer wing option, pursuit, and agility).
• This event will use ITC FAQ

Spring Clearance Sale 2017





 Sale Icon

Spring Clearance Sale This Weekend!

Select items will be up to 80% off! Check in-store for further details.

The sale will continue throughout spring, with more items added weekly!



About Game Nite

Game Nite is the St. Louis region's premier Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) specializing in board games, card games, tabletop miniatures, and role-playing games.

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