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Military Miniatures Game Day

Join us at Game Nite for a Military Miniatures Game Day on February 19st, 2017! Be sure to check out this month's variety of historical miniatures games and possibly join in!


Game Day Event Details

  • Date: Sunday, February 21st, 2016
  • Start Time: 11:00 am (Runs all day)
  • Entry Fee: FREE!

Come out to check out the miniatures, watch the demonstration games, or even possibly learn the basics and be able to play in the game!

Planned Games:

Game One - Chris Fawcett is presenting - “Just an Old-Fashioned Dogfight,” February 13, 1940 - On this day of the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, all nine of the available Gloster Gladiators of Lentolaivue 26 were in the air.  Soon after taking off and forming up, they met nine Polikarpov I-15bis biplanes from 49 Aviaciónnyj Polk head-on and a large dogfight developed.  Six of the Russians tried to form a defensive circle; one Gladiator managed to break up the formation but the plane was shot down and the pilot killed.  A general melee then followed in which three I-15bis were claimed by the Finns for the loss of a second Gladiator.  Despite the skills of the Finnish pilots, the Gladiator provided no significant advantages over these newer versions of the sturdy Russian biplane.
The game is a portion of that dogfight, (up to) three Finns against (up to) three Russians, using a streamlined version of JD Webster’s Air Power/Fighting Wings system.  The game has been smoothed off a bit (a lot) for convention-style play, and paper tracking has been replaced by magnetic “control panels” that help players to more easily grasp how to “fly” their planes within the rules (my motto: “fight the battle, not the rules”).  Bring your goggles, leather helmets, and your silk scarves!  The game starts at 11:00 and can take 4-6 players.

Game Two - Adam Jones will host - "Thrust and Counterthrust" - Six months after the conclusion of the Six Day War, PLO attacks along the Israeli-Jordanian border had increased to intolerable levels.  Command decided to launch an armored strike into Jordan to eliminate the PLO bases supporting these terrorist raids .  The strike was successful and destroyed the PLO bases while also gathering much needed intelligence from the camps.  A local Jordanian infantry unit was also engaged as part of the raid to prevent its interference. Now the armored force is racing back to Israel, and is headed to an important bridge being held open by an Israeli infantry unit.  Reports have been received that the Jordanians are quickly reacting to the strike, and that their armored forces are headed to that bridge area to interdict the withdrawal!!!!  The game will use the Fistful of Tows III rules, and starts at 11:00, for 2-6 players.

A third game will be available as a back-up, if the above two fill up!
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