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Warhammer 40k April Tournament

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Saturday, April 15th 2017.

Registration opens at 10:00, please arrive by 10:30, and games will start at 11:00
• 1500pts total
• 3 rounds
• $10 per person registration fee
• Saturday, April 15
• Location Game Nite Address: 8330 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119
• We want this to be a friendly tournament where everyone has fun and to encourage people to come out, so keep this in mind when building your list

Army composition:
• All armies must be battleforged
• Armies will consist of no more then Two(2) Detachments
• Formations are allowed
• Formation based detachments will not be allowed (e.g. Eldar Battlehost, Decurion)
• Forgeworld units allowed (including experimental)
• No Forgeworld army lists are allowed (e.g. Chaos Renegades, Eldar Corsairs)
• No 30k/Horus Heresy army lists are allowed
• Come the apocalypse allies are not allowed
• No, Super Heavy or Gargantuan Creatures
• No fortification networks are allowed
• All battle brother allies will be reduced to allies of convenience


• All players will play 3 games
• Missions will be custom but will not use the maelstrom cards
• Rounds will be 2.5 hours with a break for lunch after the first game
• Players will be paired randomly for the first round and then sorted based on score for rounds 2 and 3
• Final standings are based on the total score from all 3 games
• Painting is not required
• Please try to adhere to your models being WYSIWYG as much as possible. If you have anything you think is questionable, please message the TO
• Please bring at least 2 copies of your list. Please specify which is your primary detachment and who your warlord is on the list
• The Death from the Skies supplement will not be used. This includes the dogfighting phase, rules changes, flyer wings, and detachments. However, the Stormhawk and Wazbom Blastajet dataslates are allowed (ignoring role, flyer wing option, pursuit, and agility of course).
• This event will use ITC FAQ

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