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Warmachine/Hordes Spring 2017 Journeyman League

Warmachine players are you ready to face off in a series of games and pit your skills against a gauntlet of opponents to determine who will emerge victorious? Accept the challenge and compete in our Spring 2017 Journeyman Leagueat Game Nite.


Event Details

  • Start Date: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
  • Entry Fee: $5.00 or with the purchase of a Faction Starter box
  • T.O. : John Miller
  • Prizes: TBA Based on League attendance and available OP
  • Rules: TBA closer to kick-off. Matches each week will award points based on accomplishments. League will run for 6 weeks, funneling into the April 2nd Saturday tournament.

Iron Kingdoms Super Dungeon Special Event

The Iron Lich calls...

 Will you dare to brave the tunnels and face the Necrotech hordes that await?

The Iron Kingdoms are plagued by the undead hordes of the Cryx army. A Necrotech factory has been found, buried deep beneath the mainlands. We need YOU to brave the dangers, and end the tide of evil.

What You Need to Know:

Either come prepared with a fresh IKRPG character sheet, or feel free to use one of the pre-generated character sheets available at the event. Beware... the Super Dungeon will claim even the most well-prepared adventurer.

Run the dungeon as many times as you can! The best run will win a prize for their efforts.


Warmachine: 50 Point Masters Event

Warmachine players are you ready to face off to prove that you are a master of your WARMACHINE or HORDES faction?

You will compete in a series of games that will pit your skills against a gauntlet of opponents to determine who will emerge victorious. If you accept the challenge, come compete in our 50 point 2015 Masters Event at Game Nite on Saturday, March 12th, 2016.

If you are planning on heading up to Adepticon this is your chance to get in some Masters practice before the big event! Do you have what it takes to be the Master?


Event Details

  • What: 2015 Masters Format
  • When: Saturday, March 12th 2016
  • Where: Game Nite
  • Registration: 10:30am - 10:59am
  • Start Time: 11:00am
  • End Time: Whenever it ends
  • Entry Fee: $5.00
  • Tournament Organizer: To Be Determined
  • Prizes: Store Credit
  • 2015 Masters Rules

In this format players bring multiple lists of their chosen faction, and battle over up to eight scenarios in a series of matches. These scenarios provide the arena with which to test a player’s knowledge, skill, and ability to adapt. ADR is in effect as you would expect and we will be following all the standard rules for Masters. In this version, you will be picking possible objectives to go with each list. So don't forget to go over the packet and pick the best Objective for your list! 


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