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Warmachine/Hordes Spring 2017 Journeyman League

Warmachine players are you ready to face off in a series of games and pit your skills against a gauntlet of opponents to determine who will emerge victorious? Accept the challenge and compete in our Spring 2017 Journeyman League at Game Nite.


Event Details

  • Start Date: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
  • Entry Fee: $5.00 or with the purchase of a Faction Starter box
  • T.O. : John "Spidey" Miller
  • Prizes: TBA Based on League attendance and available OP
  • Rules:

I have modified the League rules a bit:

·         5 Weeks long. Start using Week 2's Army build (Battlegroup plus 10 points of warjacks/warbeasts)

·         Each Wednesday I will reserve a few tables for League scenarios. The first Wednesday will be Rumble Scenario 1-Patrol. (see Steamroller Rules linked below)

·         Painting a model(s) during the week will net you 1 (and only 1) additional win towards The Destroyer award

·         Creator Award: Awarded at end of league tournament using Best Battlegroup. Must be painted during the League. Not limited to Battlebox Warcaster/Warlock (but must be one of the warcaster/warlocks you used during the league). Group must include Warcaster/Warlock and at least the amount of warjacks/warbeasts points granted by that caster (can be in excess of points).

·         Sportsman Award: I will determine the final result using inputs from League players and observations from other members of the community.

·         Final Tournament: Scheduled for 8 April and the intent will be a Highlander event rules to follow. At this time the event will be open to non league participants as well.

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