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Intermediate Painting Class with Kat Martin: Blending and Wet Palettes

Intermediate Painting Class with Kat Martin January 7th!

This month, we'll be focusing on smooth blending and using wet palettes to extend the life of your paints!


Event Information

  • When: January 7th at Noon
  • Entry: $20, includes cost of materials and provided model (see above)
  • Limited to the first 12 people to sign-up and pay in-store. (Available now)

Star Wars Armada Corellian Conflict Campaign

What's the only thing better than Star Wars? More Star Wars! ***UPDATED 3/27/2017***

In that spirit, we're hosting an in-store Corellian Conflict campaign!

Event Details

  • 02/09/17 Update :: We have two different campaigns going at the same time. Once they have ended, we will announce the starting point for the next sessions! Stay tuned, you Rebel scum.
  • 03/27/2017 Update :: We will be starting a new campaign series April 6th! Check back later this week for further details!

Modern Masters 2017 Announcements


Box Discount and a Draft League!

Draft League Leading Up To An Amonkhet Win-A-Box!

Starting March 20th, we will be holding Monday Night MM17 drafts ($40 a person, 1 pack for showing, pack-per-win paid out in MM17). Each week, we will keep track of the match points adding one additional point for showing up. The final event will be Monday, April 17th. The top 8 point totals will be invited to a Win-a-Box on April 29th for Amonkhet!

Check the 'In-Store Leagues' tab at the top of the page to keep track of your scores! More details to follow.

Our MM17 Box Price

As always, we charge 20% off of MSRP for full box quantities. (MSRP = Manufacture Suggested Retail Price) In this case, MSRP is 9.99 a pack. Each box has 24 packs. After 20% off, our PRE-TAX price is $191.04, AFTER TAX it comes out to $204.63.

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