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Android: Netrunner "Jankfest" Tournament

Come join the cyber-struggle against other players in a fun, casual Android: Netrunner Tournament at Game Nite on Saturday, September 24th, 2016!


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Tournament Details

  • Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2016
  • Organizer: Sara
  • Start Time: 11:00am
  • Entry Fee: $5.00
  • Structure: Swiss
  • Modified Deckbuilding/Prize Breakdown: 'Janky' points will be awarded to players based on their decklist. A spreadsheet is available upon request (from either the TO or the storefront) with the list of cards that qualify as 'janky.' Prizes will be awarded to the jankiest players! We're looking to have a fun, non-competitive event to encourage people to play something they normally wouldn't. Come out and show off your jankiest, silliest, most utterly ridiculous list you can design!


Warhammer 40k Adepticon Practice Tournament 2017-3-18

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Date: Saturday, March 18th

What: Game Nite Team Tournament W/Adepticon Rules!!!
When: March 18th 2017!!!
Where: Game Nite 8330 Watson Rd
Price: 20 Per Team (10 per person)

If we get at least 12 people, pizza will be provided.

Alright folks so this one is a little special. For this tournament we will be using Adepticon Team Rules.
The Force Org Rules begin on page 2 and end of page 4.

If you can't find a partner but wish to play, please contact LaRon. Alternatively, show up and see what happens!

Come on out and practice your list one more time before Adepticon!

Warmachine/Hordes Spring 2017 Journeyman League

Warmachine players are you ready to face off in a series of games and pit your skills against a gauntlet of opponents to determine who will emerge victorious? Accept the challenge and compete in our Spring 2017 Journeyman League at Game Nite.


Event Details

  • Start Date: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
  • Entry Fee: $5.00 or with the purchase of a Faction Starter box
  • T.O. : John "Spidey" Miller
  • Prizes: TBA Based on League attendance and available OP
  • Rules:

I have modified the League rules a bit:

·         5 Weeks long. Start using Week 2's Army build (Battlegroup plus 10 points of warjacks/warbeasts)

·         Each Wednesday I will reserve a few tables for League scenarios. The first Wednesday will be Rumble Scenario 1-Patrol. (see Steamroller Rules linked below)

·         Painting a model(s) during the week will net you 1 (and only 1) additional win towards The Destroyer award

·         Creator Award: Awarded at end of league tournament using Best Battlegroup. Must be painted during the League. Not limited to Battlebox Warcaster/Warlock (but must be one of the warcaster/warlocks you used during the league). Group must include Warcaster/Warlock and at least the amount of warjacks/warbeasts points granted by that caster (can be in excess of points).

·         Sportsman Award: I will determine the final result using inputs from League players and observations from other members of the community.

·         Final Tournament: Scheduled for 8 April and the intent will be a Highlander event rules to follow. At this time the event will be open to non league participants as well.

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